Have you ever wondered what's above ground on the metro?

A daily commuting routine on an underground railway cuts out the perception of place, movement or passage of time. Canopy is a dynamic display system on the ceiling of a train that renders a new perspective of the passing environment overground. Non-reflective e-paper display panels are fixed to the ceiling, allowing for an unobtrusive display.

Artists are invited to illustrate the environment on ground with an exaggerated 3-point perspective suggesting depth of the train. Landmarks indicate location and journey progress, while an indicative sky offers visual continuity. Real-time travel information and contextual advertising helps travellers explore the city while engaging with the journey.

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Collaboration with Matt Batchelor and Emma Laurin


Day and night variation; advertisement dialogue boxes, exaggerated 3D perspectives

Exit info over doors (left), and scanning QR code in an advertisement dialogue box (right)

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Canopy was finalist at the RSA Student Design Awards 2012,
under 'The Good Journey' category

Concept sketches

Early prototyping

Iterative prototyping with 1:1 scale train model at the Imperial College workshop

Coding in Processing (Javascript) plus integration with Aurduino for physical interaction

Testing on the London Underground (top left), and building installation frame

Journey from South Kensington to Knightsbridge while raining at night

Journey from South Kensington to Knightsbridge on a bright sunny day

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